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By Steven Otfinoski

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The Hispanic the United States sequence takes readers on a trip to a spot that used to be known as the hot global.

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As nonHispanic whites become a minority for the first time in modern American history, will they lose their economic and political 61 Opposite: Many Hispanics in the United States have large families, which contributes to the growing Hispanic population. power to Hispanics, African Americans, and other growing minorities? Will the United States be a different and more diverse nation? ” The new generation of Hispanics is adapting to mainstream American culture and social ways, while preserving what is unique about its own cultures.

In one reality show, called The Chicos Project, a Dominican hip-hop artist from New York teams up with a Mexican American neo-punk band from Los Angeles. Popular Hispanic music such as reggatone is a mainstay of Spanish-language radio stations. Hispanic talk shows are also popular and give a voice to Hispanic American communities in many cities. During the demonstrations and walkouts of May 2006 and May 2007, radio hosts played a crucial role in uniting the Hispanic community and urging it to action.

S. government, which they had so faithfully supported in the past. Many non-Hispanic Americans supported Elián’s return. The failed efforts of the Cuban Americans seemed to be another sign of their impossible struggle against Castro. But in the decade ahead, as Castro grew older, that struggle would seem less impossible. THE IMMIGRATION QUESTION 47 A C H ANGING CHAPTER FOUR C ULT UR E F OR MANY YEARS, SPANISH LANGUAGE, FOODS, music, and heritage seemed confined to the Hispanic communities of large cities such as Miami and Los Angeles.

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