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From the Structure main page, we enter the PDB code 1I7D in the Structure Summary search box and quickly find the Structure Summary page for this record. We see that in this crystal structure, the protein is complexed with a single-stranded oligonucleotide. We also see that the protein has five 3D Domains. Three CDs align to the sequence as well, one of which, TOP1Bc, overlaps with the other two: TOPRIM and Topoisom_bac. Analyzing CDs Found in a Protein The Struture summary page displays only the CDs that give the best match to the protein sequence.

On the other hand, a search for Hominidae[subtree] will retrieve a nonhierarchical list of all of the taxa listed within the Hominidae. 2. A search for species[rank] yields a list of all species in the Taxonomy database (108,020 in May 2002). 3. Find the Taxonomy update frequency by selecting Entrez Date from the pull-down menu under Preview/Index, typing “2002/02” in the box and selecting Index. com The NCBI Handbook The Taxonomy Project 2002/01 (5176) 2002/01/03 (478) 2002/01/08 (2) 2002/01/10 (2260) 2002/01/14 (7) 2002/01/16 (239) shows that in January 2002, 5,176 new taxa were added, the bulk of which appeared in Entrez for the first time on January 10, 2002.

Taxids are assigned sequentially. When a taxon is deleted, its taxid disappears and is not reassigned (Table 1; see the FTP for a list of deleted taxids). When one taxon is merged with another taxon (e. , if the names were determined to be synonyms or one was a misspelling), the taxid of the node that has disappeared is listed as a “secondary taxid” to the taxid of the node that remains (see the merged taxid file on the FTP site). In either case, the taxid that has disappeared will never be assigned to a new entry in the database.

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