7000 Baby Names. Classic and Modern - download pdf or read online

By Hilary Spence

ISBN-10: 0572035284

ISBN-13: 9780572035280

The enjoyable of naming your child. prior to you devote your baby to a reputation for all times, flick through this ebook. banquet your mind's eye on an enormous diversity of selections from the fashionable to the normal, and from the preferred to the subtle. You by no means observed such a lot of how one can christen your child with variety and suitability. significant names, musical names, mystical names - they're all during this e-book.

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Another name for Diana, Goddess of the Moon, born on Cynthos (Cindy, Cyn, Cynth, Cynthie) Cypris (Greek) 'Born in Cyprus' (Cipressa, Cypress, Cypressa) Cyra (Persian) 'The Sun God' Cyrena (Greek) 'From Cyrene'. A water nymph loved by Apollo, the sun god (Cyrenia, Kyrena, Kyrenia) Cyrene (Greek) 'River nymph' Cyrenia see Cyrena Cyrilla (Latin) 'Lordly one'. Feminine of Cyril (Cirila, Cirilla) Cytherea (Greek) 'From Cythera'. Another name for Aphrodite, goddess of love (Cytherere, Cytheria, Cytherine) Girls D Dacey (Gaelic) 'Southerner' Dacia (Greek) 'From Dacia' Daffodil (Greek) 'Golden spring flower' Dagania (Hebrew) 'Ceremonial grain' (Daganya) Dagmar (Norse) 'Glory of the Danes' Dahlia (Greek) 'Of the valley'.

Girls A Aasta (Teutonic) 'Love' Abbey see Abigail Abbie see Abigaila Abeer (Arabic) 'Fragrance' Aberah see Avera Abia (Arabic) 'Great' Abigail (Hebrew) 'A father's joy' (Abagael, Abbe, Abbey, Abbie, Abby, Abigael, Gael, Gail, Gale, Gayla, Gayle, Gayleen, Gaylene) Abijah (Hebrew) 'God is my father' (Abisha) Abnaki (Native American) 'Land of the morning' Abra (Hebrew) 'Mother of multitudes' Abrona (Latin) 'Goddess of beginning journeys' Acacia (Greek) 'Innocent'. The symbol of immortality Acantha (Greek) 'Thorny' Accalia (Latin) Foster mother of Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome Achala (Sanskrit) 'Constant' Acima (Hebrew) 'The Lord's judgement' Acola (teutonic) 'Cool' Actia (Greek) 'Ray of sunlight' Ada (Teutonic) 'Prosperous and joyful'.

Feminine of Eric (Aric, Erika) Erin (Gaelic) 'From Ireland'. One born in the Emerald Isle (Erina) Erlina (Old English) 'Little elf' Erma (Teutonic) 'Army maid' (Ermina, Erminia, Erminie, Hermia, Hermina, Hermione) see also Irma Erna (Anglo-Saxon) 'Eagle' Ernestine (Anglo-Saxon) 'Purposeful one' (Erna, Ernesta) Erwina (Anglo-Saxon) 'Friend from the sea' Esha (Sanskrit) 'One who desires' (Eshita) Esme see Emerald Esmeralda see Emerald Essylt (Welsh) 'Beautiful to behold' Esta (Italian) 'From the East' Estaphania (Greek) 'Crown' Estelle (French) 'Bright star' (Estella, Estrelita, Estrella, Stella, Stelle) Esther (Hebrew) 'The star' (Eister, Essa, Etty, Hessy, Hester, Hesther, Hetty) Estra (Anglo-Saxon) Goddess of spring Estrella see Estelle Eswen (Welsh) 'Strong one' Etain (Irish) 'Shining' Ethel (Teutonic) 'Noble maiden'.

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