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To produce small amounts of water trapped in the minerals' crystal lattices or as hydroxyl groups, potential water precursors. ) The hydroxyl surface groups (S–OH) formed by the reaction of protons (H+) with oxygen atoms accessible at oxide surface (S=O) could further be converted in water molecules (H2O) adsorbed onto the oxide mineral's surface. The mass balance of a chemical rearrangement supposed at the oxide surface could be schematically written as follows: 2 S-OH —> S=O + S + H2O or, 2 S-OH —> S–O–S + H2O where S represents the oxide surface.

The first important event in the geologic evolution of the Moon was the crystallization of the near global magma ocean. It is not known with certainty what its depth was, but several studies imply a depth of about 500 km or greater. The first minerals to form in this ocean were the iron and magnesium silicates olivine and pyroxene. Because these minerals were denser than the molten material around them, they sank. After crystallization was about 75% complete, less dense anorthositic plagioclase feldspar crystallized and floated, forming an anorthositic crust about 50 km in thickness.

Also, a few hours after every lunar sunrise, the experiment's temperature rocketed so high—near that of boiling water—that LEAM had to be turned off because it was overheating. It is speculated that this could have been a result of electrically-charged moondust sticking to LEAM, darkening its surface so the experiment package absorbed rather than reflected sunlight. Relative Concentration Of Various Elements On The Lunar Surface Relative Concentration (in weight %) of Various Elements on Lunar Highlands, Lunar Lowlands, and Earth It's even possible that these storms have been spotted from Earth: For centuries, there have been reports of strange glowing lights on the Moon, known as "Transient lunar phenomenon" or TLPs.

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