C. E. Eckersley, J M Eckersley's A Comprehensive English Grammar PDF

By C. E. Eckersley, J M Eckersley

ISBN-10: 0582520401

ISBN-13: 9780582520400

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O'ltr4) "iul a til"" . n error In definition. It I S t he tll' ''G hou oe t hat ,s big and not t he 'house '. T his U t ru e , o f ,course . :,ouns a re word •. a nd words a re m erely symbols for t h angs . t he nOllD that u deec nbed . W henever, t herefore, for the u ke 01 m ln'lt }·, " e speak 0 1 ad ject i"'es docribi ng ' no un ,' thu dist inction should bo" ke pt in m ind . ' the adject ive IUW is used predi catively. Oth er examples of the predicative use of adj~t i\'es aft er verbs of incomplete predication are: R icha,rd bo.

I wan t a dOl/bit room. But luUJ, dou ble (and lwee) are often Icllowed by article or a possessive adjective: -{j ) Adjec tives preceded by /ht may also lollow a prope r ll; • • ,', •.... tockings at lIalf tht (Ihid ) price (= hal f th e price you mentioned). That will cost half (doubtt, tu·ju ) the money, Hill! his time he does no work. That wou ld cost double (flr;tt) his capital. 1etlmes all ow and someumes precede the indefi nite u hcle Withou t any d ifference of meaning. He ptaycd qllile a good game.

II Complete these sentences b . : (I) I live in the coun t ry; h a stream . ove - -' C--hbo°use sta nds alone near h netg u r as thv«#-lf " { ) as a ca r but - 3ister hasn 't ( ) ) , _ . 3) c bn b" __ brother has a m t . 4 oan has a bicyc le _ houses (6) This is a ~oo~ ~yc~e: (5) They ~ave sold If ~ , . 1 CcmlprehulS ltit Eft glish Grallmwr o f d a t e. (7) We have passed e c auunauon. {oB) She has fall~ - - e xam ina t ion . ' \ck by a ccwardly assaila n t (10) The}' were blue in _ lac c w ith cor d .

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