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The routines can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They contain a solution key.

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Oh, he has two others/two other sisters. A Practical English Grammar 47 B C one . . another/other(s), some . . other(s) One student suggested a play, another (student/other students/others wanted a concert. Some tourists/Some of the tourists went on the beach; others explored the town. one another and each other Tom and Ann looked at each other = Tom looked at Ann and Ann looked at Tom. Both one another and each other can be used of two or more. but each other is frequently preferred when there are more than two.

He thinks it is, but wants reassurance. Surely he was there? (I fee! ) B Other sentence adverbs admittedly, (unfortunately, frankly, honestly*, (un)luckily, naturally*, officially* etc- are usually in the front position though the end position is possible. They are normally separated from the rest of the sentence by a comma. Starred adverbs can also be adverbs of manner. Honestly, Tom didn't geS the money. (Sentence adverb, honestly here means 'truthfully'. ) Tom didn't get the money honestly (adverb of manner) = Tom got the money dishonestly.

60) Relative: when, where, why (75 E) Form and use 29 The formation of adverbs with ly A Many adverbs of manner and some adverbs of degree are formed by adding ly to the corresponding adjectives: grave, gravely immediate, immediately slow, slowly Spelling notes (a) A final y changes to i: happy, happily. (b) A final e is retained: extreme, extremely. Exceptions: true, due, whole become truly, duly, wholly. (c) Adjectives ending in able/ible drop the final e and add y: capable, capably sensible, sensibly (d) Adjectives ending in a vowel + l follow the usual rule: beautiful, beautifully final, finally Exceptions The adverb of good is well.

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