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By J R Hanson; Royal Society of Chemistry

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Pharm. , 1978, 26, 2543. R. F. Raffauf, M. P. Pastore, C. J. Kelley, P. W. Le Quesne, I. Miura, K. Nakanishi, J. Finer, and J. Clardy, J. Am. Chem. ,1978, 100, 7437. A. Matsuo, H. Nozaki, M. Nakayama, Y. Kushi, S. Hayashi, T. Komori, and N. Kamijo, J. Chem. ,Chem. , 1979, 174. M. Namikawa, T. Murae, and T. Takahashi, Bull. Chem. , 1978, 51, 3616. Sesqu iterpen a ids 39 (246) (247) (248) (252)-(256), whose mode of formation via the carbonium ion (25 1)is illustrated in Scheme 36. In recent years humulene has been viewed as a focal biogenetic precursor of an ever-increasing number of tricyclic sesquiterpenoids.

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J. , 1978,52, 561. J . Froborg and G. Magnusson, J, A m . Chem. , 1978, 100,6728. Sesq uiterpe noids n 45 r-l 0 5 - NC NC -CO,Me C0,Me (285) X I , XI1 (286) 1x Et0,C OAc 0 JxIII-xv xvi, xvii xviii-xx ___3 Me02C fi 0 0 OH xxi-xxiii 0 - H0,C H 1 1 xxiv xxv H xxvi,v,xvi xxvii H 0 0 H 11 Reagents: i, LDA; ii, BrCH,CGCSiMe,; iii, KOH-MeOH; iv, CO,; v, CH,N,; vi, aq. HCl; vii, Et,N; viii, H,-Pd/BaCO,; ix, BrZnCH,CO,Et; x, NaOMe; xi, B,H,; xii, Ac,O-py; xiii, NBS; xiv, LiBr-Li,CO,-DMF; xv, K2CO3; xvi, pyH+CrO,Cl-; xvii, 2- HO I--Et,N; xviii, K,CO,-MeOH-H,O; xix, NaBH,; xx, PPh,-Me0,CN=NC02Me; xxi, HCl-MPOH; xxii, 0,; xxiii, MeSH-BF,; xxiv, Raney Ni; xxv, aq.

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