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There is another group of words, however, which, like last, can easily be used to tell if a speaker comes from the north or south of England. There are a few hundred of these words, but they include path, grass, laugh, dance, grant, sample, demand . 1 Here are some data from an informal dialect survey which examined the local word for gym-shoes or trainers in different parts of the country. Use these data to draw a map of Britain which marks isoglosses indicating the areas in which the diflferent forms are used.

1 Discuss whether th-fronting has reached your area yet. Are there people in your area who say fing and bruvver? What sort of people are they? Are they mostly younger people, or do older people have this feature as well? If people in your group come from different areas of the country, compare notes and see if any definite geographical pattern emerges. 2 One of the consequences of the change in the pronunciation of l is that in quite a large area of the country certain vowels have very different pronunciations where they occur before l than they have elsewhere.

6 Whichever of the regions we have just discussed that you live in or come from, discuss difterences of pronunciation that you are aware of within that region. 7 Discuss how far you have to travel from where you live before you start noticing that people speak differently. < previous page page_44 next page > < previous page page_45 next page > Page 45 9 PRESENT-TENSE VERBS English dialects differ from each olher in their grammatical structures as well as their pronunciation. In this section we exemplify this by examining how different dialects construct present-tense verb forms.

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