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The circular opening was normally closed by a round plate with four bolts around its rim (see photo 37, page 43); the holes for these are visible here. However, some World War I photographs show Whippets operating without this plate in place. Inside the hole, the fifth return roller can be seen, as well as part of the chain that transfers power from the gearbox to the drive sprocket. 3$ 38 track unit (2) 3# 3$ 39 Medium A Whippet 3% Track unit left The very rear portion of the left-hand track unit.

The eight rivets visible on each link connect it to the chain underneath, which can be seen in photo 38 on page 43. 4# Track links left 4$ This photo shows how the links are connected together. A metal plate, with holes at either end, is rivetted to the back of each track link; a pin then goes through the holes to keep the links together. These are the links running over the idler wheel, at the front of the lefthand track unit. Notice the shiny metal on all the visible links, which together with the turned track tensioning bolt (see page 47) indicates this tank, or at least its track, was moved a bit soon before these photographs were taken.

This one is clearly showing its age, but the undamaged shape should be obvious as well. The material wrapped around it is most likely asbestos, to protect the crew from the heat of a hot exhaust. 2^ Exhaust pipe left The same exhaust, but now on the Whippet in Brussels. This shows a sheet metal covering over the asbestos, which is missing on both exhaust pipes of the Bovington vehicle. Since the South African Whippet also seems to have such covers, it is perhaps safe to assume this is the way the tank was manufactured.

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