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There are symptoms that curiosity within the learn of adverbs has been starting to be progressively in recent times, principally end result of the so-called Chomskyan revolution in linguistics which positioned a lot emphasis at the examine of syntax, yet most likely additionally as a result of place those adverbs and different debris take inside of a syntactic string has proved to be even more tricky to figure out than had formerly been suggestion. nonetheless one more reason for the rise of curiosity during this subject could be present in the new development in linguistics which focusses on communicative competence and real language use in day-by-day discourse. even supposing this bibliography has no declare to exhaustiveness, it may still be invaluable to researchers engaged on adverbs and comparatives. The titles chosen relate in a single means or one other to the issues the linguist faces with admire to the adverb.

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PHILOLOGICA, 95-103 178 CAMPROUX Charles, 1963 review of ANDERSSON Sven, 1961 1n REVUE DES LANGUES ROMANES 75, 227-231 179 CANART P. A. , 1960 Studies on the emotional and affective means of expression 1n modern English {= Schweitzer angl Istische Arbeiten 46) A. , 1960-1961 in ARCHIV FUER DAS STUDIUM DER NEUEREN SPRACHEN 197, 201 196 CHARNLEY Bertens, 1972 Lexomatic moda1ity in REVISTA DE LINGUEISTICA TEORICA Y APLICADA 10, 49-53 197 CHARYTONOVA I. , 1962 Pryslivnyk jak zasib zv" jazyku miz okremymy recennjamy {na materiali nimec"kojy movy) in ZBIRNYK NAUKOVYCH PRAC" ASPIRANTIV Ζ FILOLOHIOI 17, 93-98 198 CHATMAN Seymour, 1957 Pre-adject1vals in the English nominal phrase in AMERICAN SPEECH 35, 83-100 199 CHENG Chung-Ying, 1972 Logic and grammar of adverbs 1n WORKING PAPERS IN LINGUISTICS (UNIV.

D. , 1972 Contextual constraints on reason adverbials in LINGUISTICS 94, 6-20 ADVERBS AND ADVERBIALS 33 259 DECORNULIER Benoît, 1973 But If RESPECTIVELY meant something ? , 1962 in REVISTA PORTUGUESA DE FILOLOGIA 12, 276-281 LOZINSKA Maria, 1952 in BULLETIN DES JEUNES ROMANISTES 5, 49-52 LUEDTKE Helmut, i960 in ROMANISTISCHES JAHRBUCH 11, 246-249 MEIER Harri , 1959 in ROMANISCHE FORSCHUNGEN 71, 191-195 NILSSON-EHLE Hans, 1950 in STUDIA NEOPHILOLOGICA 32, 198-204 SANDMANN Manfred, 1960 in ROMANCE PHILOLOGY 14, 331-336 270 DEUTSCHMANN Olaf, 1971 review of BISCHOFF Heinrich, 1970 in ROMANISTISCHES JAHRBUCH 22, 213-216 271 DE VITA Phil, 1971 A partial investigation of the spatial forms of some Tuamotuan dialects in ANTHROPOLOGICAL LINGUISTICS 13:8, 401-420 ADVERBS AND ADVERBIALS 35 272 DIETRICH Gerhard, 1956 Die Akzentverhaeltnisse im Englischen bei Adverb und Praeposition in Verbindung mit einem Verb und Verwandtes (ein Beitrag zur Lehre vom englischen Rhythmus) in DIETRICH GERHARD, SCHULZE FRITZ WILLY, (EDITORS), 1956 STRENA ANGLICA, OTTO -UTTER ZUM 80.

D. , NEW YORK, 150-178 372 FRASER Oames Bruce, 1972 review of HILL Leslie Alexander, 1968 in FOUNDATIONS OF LANGUAGE 8:2, 294-297 373 FREI Henri, 1944 Systèmes de déictiques (démonstratifs, adverbes de lieu, adverbes de manière) in ACTA LINGUISTICA 4, 111-129 374 FRETHEIM Thorstein, 1971 NODIG and GJERNE, two Norwegian sentence adverbs in NORWEGIAN JOURNAL OF LINGUISTICS 25, 94-107 375 FRIES Udo, 1971 Praesens und YESTERDAY : ein Beitrag zum Tempusgebrauch und Adverbial syntax in FOLIA LINGUISTICA 5:1, 83-100 376 FUCHS Albert, 1975 CLIFF"s law : an artifact ?

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