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By Gunnar Carlsson (auth.), Gunnar E. Carlsson, Ralph L. Cohen, Wu-Chung Hsiang, John D. S. Jones (eds.)

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In 1989-90 the Mathematical Sciences examine Institute carried out a application on Algebraic Topology and its Applications. the most parts of focus have been homotopy concept, K-theory, and purposes to geometric topology, gauge concept, and moduli areas. Workshops have been carried out in those 3 components. This quantity comprises invited, expository articles at the issues studied in this software. They describe contemporary advances and aspect to attainable new instructions. they need to end up to be valuable references for researchers in Algebraic Topology and comparable fields, in addition to to graduate students.

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They showed that the Mk admit additional structures which allowed them to construct further classes in the image. HOMOTOPY OF GAUGE THEORETIC MODULI SPACES 41 A major difficulty with proving the Atiyah-Jones conjectures was the intractibility of the "reality" condition, condition (3), above in the definition of the ADHM-instantons. Attempts were made to live with it, for example in the work of Hartshorne, [Ha] , and attempts were made to remove it, [BM3], but each ran into trouble at about k = 2 or 3, though Hartshorne was able to characterize M2' An alternative approach was initiated by Donaldson [D2, A].

Geom. 29, 163-230. G. 't Hooft, On the phase tmnsisition towards permanent quark confinement, preprint. edu A SURVEY OF BOUNDED SURGERY THEORY AND APPLICATIONS STEVEN C. FERRY, IAN HAMBLETON, AND ERIK K. PEDERSEN INTRODUCTION We begin by attempting to answer the question: What is bounded topology and why do people study it? In his 1963 paper [0], Connell defines a homeomorphism h : Rn _ R n to be bounded if there is a k > 0 such that Ilh(x) - xii < k for all x ERn. He notes that if cp : Rn _ int Dn is a radial homeomorphism, then cp ° h ° cp-l : int Dn _ int Dn extends by the identity on Rn - int Dn to a homeomorphism from Rn to itself.

Let P c GLn(C) be any parabolic subgroup. The path components of both Rat(GLn(C)/P) and 02(GL n (C)/P) are indexed by sequences of integers C = (Cll'" ,en) (in the case of Rat( G Ln (C) / P) all c; ;::: 0) and the forgetful map induces a homotopy equivalence through a range of dimensions that is an increasing function of the minimum of the c; 'so Once more the critical case is Rati,l, ... ,l (GLn(C)/ P), and again in [MM2J, these manifolds are explicitly determined. (Rati,l, ... ,l (GLn(C)/ P); Z) is torsion free.

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