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By Jose M. Vigil (editor)

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Through reisados (popular dramatic dances for the eve of the Epiphany) and through the Marian and Christological devotions. The symbiosis between African religious traditions and popular Catholicism, above all, raises some questions that continue to be asked about Christian theology of religious pluralism. A theology with those objectives ought to be able to cast light, without prejudice, on certain realities which have up till now continued to be little known or relegated to the sidelines by a lack of symmetry between the respective worships and the consequences of these realities.

Mario Perez describes her arrival on the summit of the mountain called Xochitldlpan or "Land of flowers". It represents the land of nourishment, of flower/wisdom, of having an encounter with Life. In that place appeared the Nahuatl Divinity; she had a symbiotic relationship with belief in Mary, the Mother of God. Another significant story is that of a Mayan leader, Xnuc Mani. It speaks of a very long rope that unites various peoples. When this rope is cut, blood flows out so that it reaches all people.

2002). Desarrollo hutnano en Chile. Santiago: PNDU. Ruiz de la Pena, J. (2000). La pascua de la creacion. Escatologia. Madrid: BAC. Sarmiento, N. (2000). Caminos de la Teologia India. Cochabamba: Verbo Divino. Vidal, J. (1987). Mito. In: Poupard, P. ). (1987). Diccionario de las Religiones. Barcelona:Herder. pp. 1205-1210. Vidal, J. (1987). Mitos modernos. In: Poupard, P. ). (1987). Barcelona:Herder. pp. 1224-1226. Chapter 3 Religious Pluralism and the Afro-American Religious Traditions Antonio Aparecido da Silva Sao Paulo, Brazil The effort to create a Christian theology of religious pluralism based on the religious context in Latin American necessarily has to take into account the Afro-religious reality of the continent.

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