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Brief yet candy -- by way of a long way the simplest creation to the topic, which would arrange you for the firehose that's the huge Sieve and its functions: mathematics Geometry, Random Walks and Discrete teams (Cambridge Tracts in arithmetic)

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It is well-known (see [32, p. 279]) that n can be written as a sum of two squares if and only if for every prime p ≡ 3 mod 4 dividing n, the power of p appearing in the unique factorization of n is even. Thus, if an = 1 whenever n can be written as a sum of two squares and is zero otherwise, we see that Fs = an 1 = 1− s s n 2 n≥1 −1 1− p≡1 mod 4 1 ps −1 1− p≡3 mod 4 1 p2s −1 Now we need to invoke some basic properties of the Riemann zeta function s and the Dirichlet L-function L s 4 associated with the quadratic character 4 , defined by s = 1 s n n≥1 Ls 4 = n ns 4 n≥1 for s ∈ with Re s > 1 Here, 4 n is 0 for n even and −1 n−1 /2 for n odd.

Show that lim n→ 1 Dn = n! e where e denotes Euler’s e. [A map f without any fixed point is called a derangement]. 5. Let a b be integers. We say that a and b are related if, for every prime power t, b ≡ a t mod t for some positive integer t Show that if a and b are related, so are a2 and b2 Also, show that if a ≤ 2 and b ≤ 2 with a b related, then a = b 6. If t is a prime power coprime to k, show that t k a if and only if a mod t has order k 7. If a and b are natural numbers ≥ 2 with ai i ≥ 1 ∩ bj j ≥ 1 = ∅ show that the number of ai bj ≤ x is log x 8.

With notation as in the previous exercise, let A be a set of natural numbers ≤ x and let S A P denote the set of elements n of A with nP = 1. 5 Exercises for some 31 and some R x d with R x d log d≤x d∈ P x =O x d (ii) if n ∈ A with nP > 1, then nP has at least two prime factors counted with multiplicity; (iii) there is a set B such that S A P = S B P and satisfying the condition that for p ∈ P and m ∈ B, we have pm ∈ B; (iv) there are numbers a and b with a > 0 so that 1 1 = a log x + b + O m x m≤x m∈B Under these conditions, show that for some positive constant c, cx #S A P ∼ log x 1−a/b as x tends to infinity.

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